Modern Dilemmas – Disability and Sex

From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio National. The Modern Dilemmas panel tackle Down syndrome and disability. Well worth a listen.

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    Presented by  Natasha Mitchell

    A Life Matters listener has emailed this dilemma: ‘My 24 year old son has Down syndrome and the issue is one I haven’t heard anyone talk about. It is regarding adults with moderate intellectual disabilities and sexuality. Most live without the pleasures of sex that the rest of us take for granted. It is not lack of desire, but an inability to adequately communicate their needs and a lack of access to partners. How do parents and carers know what the person with an intellectual disability wants, and even if they do know, what do they do about it? How do they facilitate personal interactions between their young adult and another person?’





    1. Grace Bridgman says:

      I am writing from Ontario.

      I work with a young man with C.P. We, his parents and I are trying to put together a sex life for this young man with very little luck.

      Do you have any information about what’s happening regarding surrogate sex workers in this next of the woods.

      Thank-you Grace

    2. Chris says:

      I don’t any social skills.
      I suffer from severe muscle weakness in my arms and legs.
      I am 41, and have I have never had intimacy or sex with a woman. This puts misery and anger in me.
      I would like to meet with a sex worker.I live in Ottawa.

    3. Chris says:

      I also suffer from OCD.Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I obsess about certain things or people and I cannot get them out of my mind.The obsessive thoughts will cause me either fear, anger or misery.I also want to compulsively talk about them or physically act them out.

    4. easecanada says:

      Sorry, I just received your email. For some reason they weren’t being forwarded by the website. Please let me know if you Were able to find appropriate resources and how things are coming along. If need be I can try to help out. Many thanks

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